About Armstrong Development

About Armstrong Development

The Armstrong Development Company is a Cedar Rapids based real estate development company. By managing the properties we own, we are able to provide our tenants with the space that best meets their current and future needs. We look forward to helping you secure the right location for your business.


The Company was founded in 1960 as Armstrong-Race Realty Company and the name was officially changed to Armstrong Development Company in 2000 to better reflect the Company’s commitment to creating future developments.

Mission Statement

“Our goal at Armstrong Development is to work with our Tenants as a team to create and ensure a pleasant, working environment for our customers”.

Jon Dusek

Jon-DusekJon Dusek had earned his place in Midwest Real Estate News’ Hall of Fame long before the terrible floods hit Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 2008. But his work following these floods cemented his spot.

Dusek, president and chief executive officer of Cedar Rapids-based Armstrong Development Company, poured his company’s resources back into downtown Cedar Rapids after the floods hit. He played an important part in the city’s rejuvenation following the disaster, even though Armstrong Development itself was one of the businesses hardest hit by the floodwaters.

These efforts didn’t go unnoticed .“Jon has had such a strong, positive influence on the development of the Downtown Cedar Rapids community,” said one nominator. “He has proven to be an instrumental proponent of the area’s recovery following the flood of 2008. ”

Dusek’s commitment to helping Cedar Rapids rebound after the floods is far from unusual.

He’s long been involved in the community. Dusek has served on the local YMCA Board, and has logged time as president of the Eastern Iowa Economic Council. He’s also sat on the Brenton Bank Board, Job Growth Committee for the Renaissance Group (Downtown District) and the Self Supported Municipal Improvement District Board. He’s found time, too, to serve as president of the National Czech and Slovak Museum.

In addition to the properties owned in the downtown area (Armstrong Building, Barnes Chamberlain, Granby, Arco, Professional Park East, Professional Park West, Pro Park Ramp, and co-owner of the Kubias Building), the Company has a major interest in Armar Plaza of Marion and a 30-acre development in Hiawatha.

Armstrong Development, now owned by second and third generation family members, has played a major role as one of the anchor buildings in the downtown revitalization and looks forward to an active future in the Cedar Rapids area.