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Armstrong Development Welcomes SwineTech, Inc. to Downtown Cedar Rapids

Armstrong Development is proud to welcome SwineTech, Inc. into the Granby Building in Downtown Cedar Rapids. SwineTech, Inc. is an Iowa based company that uses Iowa manufacturer’s for their products.

SwineTech is out to change the farming industry one pig at a time.

A company set to bridge the gap between producers and pigs through sensor based technologies is what SwineTech is all about.

They create solutions to reduce the number of pigs that die from disease, lameness, starvation, and piglet crushing. The introduction of properly integrated advanced managements systems and sensor based technologies allows farmers to significantly improve the welfare, sustainability and productivity in swine facilities.

By creating products that reduce piglet deaths and increase overall herd health, SwineTech is fulling its mission to “save a pig” and enable farmers to feed the world.

Featured on media sources such as MSN, CNN and The Boston Globe, this is truly a company to keep an eye out for.

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